1st field visit and training in Thimphu (Bhutan)

In Thimphu – the partner city from Bhutan, the field visit was conducted during 2-4 June 2010. The Executive Secretary, Mr. Phuntsho Gyeltshen from TCC inaugurated the workshop which was well attended by heads of various divisions from the corporation along with a few representatives from the Thimphu City Council.

The training was conducted over a period of 3 days and involved a number of exercises and group discussions on ecoBUDGET and PDMS systems among the participants. Through these exercises, the participants first identified the relevant environmental problems in their own cities and the natural resources that are impacted by these environmental problems. With the help of group discussions on these issues the participants, in a step by step process, prepared the first draft of the master budget for ecoBUDGET. The participants also identified important issues which will need to be integrated with the PDMS software for collection of data through a household level survey. They identified areas where the survey will be conducted in a pilot scale for the purposes of the project.