2nd field visit to Thimphu

Location:         Thimphu, Bhutan
Dates:              28-30 July 2011
Participants:    Thimphu Thromde
                         Guntur Municipal Corporation
                         ICLEI South Asia

The second field visit under Realising DReAMS project was held on 28 to 30 July, 2011 in Thimphu, when the Municipal Commissioner of Guntur Municipal Corporation visited the city of Thimphu for an exchange of ideas on municipal services with Thimphu municipal staff. ICLEI South Asia staff facilitated the visit and interaction between the two municipal corporations.

After the meeting was officially started by the Mayor of Thimphu Thromde, Mr Dorji, Mr. Kumar, Executive Director of ICLEI SA introduced ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability to the Thimphu municipal staff and discussed opportunities to take the partnership with Thimphu city forward through various activities. A brief introduction of the project Realising DReAMS was given to the participants especially for the benefit of the newly elected Council and Mayor and the newly appointed Executive Secretary of Thimphu. Then the activities undertaken by the Thimphu Thromde under the project were presented and the implementation of the tools of ecoBUDGET and PDMS was discussed. The stakeholder group for the Thimphu Thromde consisting of the council members and departmental heads were present during the meeting and discussed the implementation of the master budget developed under the project in their city. Following these presentations, the ecoBUDGET tool was briefly presented, focusing on its utility as a management and monitoring tool.  Finally, Mr. Irving from the Province of Bohol presented the PDMS software and its implementation in Thimphu.

On the second day, the Local Implementation Team along with representatives from ICLEI SA and the Province of Bohol discussed the future work plan for the project in their city. Detailed work plans with immediate steps, timelines and responsibilities were identified. The Local Implementation Team (LIT) was revised for the implementation of the master budget.

On the last day, Mr. K Sudhakar, Municipal Commissioner of Guntur Municipal Corporation interacted with the Thimphu municipal staff, by presenting the solid waste management system of Guntur. The staff then discussed their solid waste management issues and means of tackling them in Thimphu. After the presentation and discussion, the Mr. Sudhakar visited the compost plant and landfill site of Thimphu city. In addition he visited the vegetable market, being the main source for the compost plant as well as the main consumers of the compost produced. This visit inspired mutual exchange of views between all participants of the field visit, especially on the topic of solid waste management.