Project Kick-Off Meeting

The first project meeting was held in Bohol between the 24th and 27th of February 2010, with a welcoming speech by the Province’s Governor, Mr. Aumentado. All partners (except Bologna due to a last-minute impediment) discussed the foundations and action plan of the work to be conducted in the coming three years, exchanging experiences and ideas on how to successfully implement the project. A delegation of three EU representatives from the Manila office honoured the consortium with their presence, revealing the importance given by the funders to the project’s content and its potential for replication throughout the Asian continent.

The last day of the meeting Bohol delivered a training session on PDMS. Partners became familiarised with the tool and discussed the ways in which it may be applicable and adaptable to each partner city or province.

Visiting Tubigon's waste management facility

To show the real-life benefits that implementing the ecoBUDGET tool can bring, the Province of Bohol organised a visit to the provincial city of Tubigon’s waste management facility. It is an impressive display of how to sustainably handle waste—from raising awareness among the population, to using the most appropriate methods within a given budgetary constraint, to continually finding ways of improving the system. Tubigon has been using this environmental management system for some years, since it became the beneficiary of a previous EuropeAid project.