Project meeting in Freiburg

The second project meeting was held in Freiburg on the 10th and 11th of February 2011, followed by parallel study tours conducted in Bologna and Växjö. All partners discussed the revised action plan and the work to be conducted in the remaining two years, exchanging experiences and ideas on how to successfully implement the project. In particular, this meeting aimed at identifying the relationship between ecoBUDGET and PDMS in order to assist local governments in integrating their environmental concerns in social and economic processes, including poverty reduction strategies.

All partners agreed that urban poverty should not be seen narrowly in terms of income in relation to costs of living but also with reference to the standard of living. The ability to maintain a minimum standard of living depends not only on the economic status of a family but also on access to basic services such as health care, safe drinking water, garbage collection, sewerage management and such other issues. All these municipal functions are directly or indirectly related to the environmental resources within the city through a cause and effect relationship.
As part of the intensive study tour programmes in Bologna and Växjö, the Asian partners had the chance to visit waste and water depuration plants, energy agencies, ground waste disposals, community bicycles, etc. and meet experts and representatives from the two cities to share knowledge and jointly identify innovative solutions in local sustainability.

Below you can download the presentations delivered during this project meeting:

- Bohol achievements Year 1 (2010)

- DReAMS meets Rio+20

- Environment and Poverty

- Realizing DReAMS in Rajshahi

- Realising DReAMS  in Thimphu (Bhutan)

Below you can download the presentations given during the study tour in Bologna:

- The ecoBUDGET experience in the City of Bologna

- DReAMS Project - Guntur

- Gross National Happiness: Its relevance for Bhutan and its indicators

- DReAMS study visit - Bologna

- Rajshahi - vision 2018

 Below you can download the presentations given during the study tour in Växjö:

- The greenest city in Europe

- Introduction to ecoBUDGET in Växjö

- Energy and CO2 monitoring in the greenest city in Europe

- Energy plan

- Sustainable city planning in Växjö

- Areas for cooperation with the city of Växjö