ecoBUDGET is an environmental management system, based on the concept of environmental budgeting, developed especially for local governments by ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability. It provides a framework to assist in sustainable local development and effective long-term management of natural resources and the urban environment. 

The concept of ecoBUDGET is on the lines of local financial budgeting and runs on an annual cycle. It is based on a political decision making process involving the prioritisation of local environmental issues, target setting, and monitoring and reporting mechanisms to improve accountability and transparency.

An environmental budget is prepared for one year and approved by the political body; it forms the framework for using resources within set limits. The budget contains targets for each environmental resource oriented towards its sustainable management. It does not give a monetary value to the environmental resources, but uses environmental indicators to keep the use of resources within the limits of the environmental budget.

The first ecoBUDGET model was first created as early as the mid 90s and constantly improved with use that has already been successfully implemented in several European local governments. It has also been adapted for use in Asian countries and has been implemented successfully in Guntur in India and Bohol in Philippines.

More information about ecoBUDGET concept and implementation is available from the ecoBUDGET webcentre.