About DReaMS

Poverty and its alleviation are closely linked to the natural resources base. Improved integrated management of the environment and natural resources contributes directly to poverty reduction, more sustainable livelihoods and social order.

To tackle this challenge, the Realising DReAMS (Development of Resources and Access to Municipal Services) project helps cities to integrate poverty-environment, by introducing an environmental management tool (ecoBUDGET) and a poverty database monitoring system (PDMS).

The aim of the project is to enable cities to use the tools and achieve the ultimate aim of improving living standards and reducing environmental degradation. Furthermore, it assists decision-makers to manage the environment in a way that leads to sustainable development. It works with key local governments, non state actors and local communities to raise awareness, influence policy making, strengthen the mainstreaming of poverty-environment into local planning and programmes and achieve the Millennium Development Goals number 1 (End poverty and hunger) and number 7 (Environmental sustainability). The goals include eradicating extreme poverty and hunger, and ensuring environmental sustainability.