Final Conference

Around 50 participants from different regions as well as officials and experts from ICLEI South Asia, attended the International Conference on Sustainable Environment Management for Poverty Alleviation organized by Guntur Municipal Corporation in Hyderabad, India on 8 October 2013.

Throughout the conference the achievements of different partners was showcased to dignitaries from the national, regional and international arena, thereby disseminating the ecoBUDGET and PDMS tool to other interested cities and organizations. In general, the conference helped raise the awareness of municipal officials regarding environmental sustainability. The benefits of the tools for showcasing municipal achievements with regard to sustainability were received with great interest by participants. In different sessions and formats participants had the chance to exchange views on issues like awareness generation among officials of city corporations and inculcating the good practice of planning and sustainability in actions undertaken by the municipal bodies, implementation of activities to improve the living standards of under privileged communities, importance of slum development and provision of basic urban services to the urban poor by local government bodies etc.  

City officials highly appreciated the outcomes of the DReAMS project and agreed that projects of such a format with an important exchange component are very helpful in assisting cities in planning for the near future.

For more information download these two interesting reports: